Introduction to Charged: DesertIrish

In November of 2013, I started writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo. It was about a universe with superpowers. The abilities were less fantastical than Marvel and less overpowered than DC. Subtle. I believe that the most interesting stories are about the people, not the powers and I tried writing a character novel which happened to include supernatural abilities.

The book is still being written as of 2017 and it currently rivals a single book from the Lord of the Rings trilogy in terms of word count. Each day where I write in the book I create a journal post and talk about the story so they’re basically nothing but spoilers. If anything, the journals are written for my own sake. If you would rather not see spoilers, start reading from the beginning. The available text will be updated from time to time but the links should always be to the most updated files.

An editing trick I learned was to read aloud. This uses a different part of the brain or forces more meticulous reading than reading silently and it really works. I have caught many mistakes by doing this. I should probably do this for my daily journal entries but that isn’t always an option. Since I was reading out loud anyway, I decided to read into a microphone and record everything as an audiobook. This was a neat use of time because I was simultaneously editing and recording. Each chapter is a separate audio file and they are always behind the written updates.

All the updates can be seen in order or just start reading.

Please enjoy Charged: DesertIrish by Brian McEvoy

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