2023-06-04 (Su) KeyBoardolier Case assembly

2023-06-03 (Sa) KeyBoardolier Extension cutting and painting

2023-06-02 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-06-01 (Th) KeyBoardolier Extension drafting

2023-05-31 (W) KeyBoardolier Soldering keyswitches

2023-05-30 (Tu) KeyBoardolier Scope shrink

2023-05-29 (M) KeyBoardolier Care Bear Keyboard programming

2023-05-28 (Su) KeyBoardolier Care Bear keyboard rewired

2023-05-27 (Sa) KeyBoardolier Programming Care Bear Keyboard

2023-05-26 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-05-25 (Th) KeyBoardolier Wiring the Care Bear Keyboard

2023-05-24 (W) KeyBoardolier Care Bear Keyboard

2023-05-23 (Tu) KeyBoardolier

2023-05-22 (M) KeyBoardolier Wearable ideas 02

2023-05-21 (Su) KeyBoardolier Wearable ideas 01

2023-05-20 (Sa) KeyBoardolier Guitar strap on a Bluetooth keyboard

2023-05-19 (F) Weekly Summary

2023-05-18 (Th) Zener card trick FAILED