2022-09-27 (Tu) 24EngBarostat Video demonstration and resources

2022-09-26 (M) 24EngBarostat REV1 Complete

2022-09-25 (Su) 24EngBarostat Improved wiring

2022-09-24 (Sa) 24EngBarostat Installed components

2022-09-23 (F) Weekly Summary

2022-09-22 (Th) 24EngBarostat Wood enclosure

2022-09-21 (W) 24EngBarostat Sound and lights

2022-09-20 (Tu) 24EngBarostat Example program

2022-09-19 (M) SkateSailV4 Constructed and COMPLETE

2022-09-18 (Su) SkateSailV4 Sail sewing

2022-09-17 (Sa) SkateSailV4 Design ideas

2022-09-16 (F) Weekly Summary

202209-15 (Th) SkateSailV3 Longer brake cale for mountain board

2022-09-14 (W) SkateSailV3 Measuring wind speeds

2022-09-13 (Tu) SkateSailV3 Sail construction and testing

2022-09-12 (M) SkateSailV3 Sketches

2022-09-11 (Su) SkateSailV2 Wood handle and PVC members

2022-09-10 (Sa) SkateSailV2 Sail upgrades and testing

2022-09-09 (F) Weekly Summary