2024-04-16 (Tu) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Brace V2 COMPLETED

2024-04-15 (M) Gravy Shock GRANICA rubber stamp

2024-04-14 (Su) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Strappable electronics holder

2024-04-13 (Sa) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Wooden enclosure

2024-04-12 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-04-11 (Th) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Electronics container

2024-04-10 (W) SubdermalWirelessLEDs REV3.1 brace works and fits

2024-04-09 (Tu) SubdermalWirelessLEDs REV3 cut

2024-04-08 (M) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Wearable, but not ready

2024-04-07 (Su) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Frame cut

2024-04-06 (Sa) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Revised drawing and router planning

2024-04-05 (F) Weekly Summary

2024-04-04 (Th) SubdermalWirelessLEDs CNC cut unsuccessful

2024-04-03 (W) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Plotting new bracer

2024-04-02 (Tu) SubdermalWirelessLEDs Planning new bracer

2024-04-01 (M) RADARBadge Grindfest graphics

2024-03-31 (Su) RADARBadge SAO accessory

2024-03-30 (Sa) RADARBadge PCB Monocles