24Eng Portfolio Year 06

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I feel like year six is going to continue with intense projects that will take longer but still have short ones that need a day or weekend.

A new implant started my sixth year. Starting with biohacking seemed appropriate since many of the people I spend my time with are biohackers. This implant was an xEM on the knife edge (ulnar side) of my right hand, which will have my work badge cloned to it.

Teardowns have not been my usual style but IKEA's NFC Cabinet lock, Rothult was a tempting piece of hardware for grinders. My implants include NFC tags, so this was something I wanted to explore. I found that the antenna could be desoldered and moved to a remote location.

Electronic WindChimes spawned mini-projects to support it, and the first to be completed and finished was a rudimentary drum machine called Little Drummer Bot or just LittleDB. It was nothing novel but suited my needs and was made entirely from parts I had on hand.

Another mini-project to come out of the Electronic Wind Chimes was the EWC_Pocket, which was a single board with three potentiometers designed for maximum portability, and it was easy to bring out in public and demonstrate. It was small enough to fit inside an SD card case.

One of the most significant projects to date, Electronic Wind Chimes, ended with success after four consecutive months. The project leveraged pseudo-random numbers to generate MIDI notes and interesting sounds. It might be a stretch to call it music, but it kept the room lively.

For some variety, I took a chance and made kombucha and harvested the scoby. I kept records and science'd it up for this blog. In the end, I found out that I dried the scoby too early, and I made some tasty vinegar drink.