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Before the blog I published YouTube videos about some longboards built in the garage. Before that I was doing projects but not recording them. I have a collapsible boat, which works, in my closet. An collapsible arcade machine in my living room. For longboarding I built a couple collapsible sails. Strangely, I built collapsible items when I owned a whole house.

The first was the Holey Board which was engineered to be flexible despite rigid material.

The MDF board was very inexpensive and flexible. The paint job was the most appealing feature of the long and heavy board.

The Tiki board was one of the best looking boards but its performance wasn't very good.

The red plaid board was meant to take a beating. And it has. The pattern on the bottom is really plaid fabric sealed under epoxy.

The second board to really get some engineering. The Long/Luge board is convertible to a street luge.

The Pinkie Board was clearly named for the pink griptape. This board sat nice and low to the ground so pushing was easy and it was extremely stable.

Finally, I made a looped image of me executing a slide shot from above.