20140314 (F) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Finding a 2D CAD file for the Digispark was fruitless.  The best I came up with was a dimension drawing.  By no means should the clutter of lines I used for the DigiSpark be considered accurate or reliable.  It has the correct number of pins on the correct sides but that's as far it goes.

Enough background
The schematic for the DigiSpark was added to the drawing.  A NeoPixel was also drawn and attached to Pin 1.  The NeoPixel is planned to be hardwired in the enclosure rather than attach through a connector.

Coding was started.

The bounce library was downloaded and installed.  The TinyWire software was presumably installed correctly.

The pseudo code was modified and added to but not much.

To do:
• Write code
• Debug
• Design stripboard for handles
• Build handles and enclosure for DigiSpark

CAD Rendering of schematic for ASETNIOP hardware keyboardJournal page