20140316 (Su) ESPeri.IRBud

Late last night a friend of mine fell ill and I took her to the emergency room.  She's fine.

All the work I did yesterday was done in the ER waiting room after 11:00pm.  It wasn't ideal but it kept me busy.

I also toyed with the idea of making an Instructable for the project in an effort to expose it to more people.

Enough background.
 A more detailed list of action items for publishing it IRBud info was made.  The most tine consuming item will be describing the pictures already accumulated.

The descriptions were started and 917 words were written.

An arrangement was decided upon for describing the images in a logical order.

A setup was made to show the operation of the device.

To do:
• Make video of device in action
• Remove  "Autodesk" from schematic title block
• Finish describing images
• Arrange and publish.
?Make an Instructable?