20140317 (M) ESPeri.IRBud

Despite not having a lot of sleep I was able to write a considerable amount.  This marks my first attempt at publishing something on Blogger as an instructional post rather than a simple journal post.
 There are clearly two posts for today, both have the same date and title.  I didn't think of a good way to differentiate between the journal post and the instructional post.

Enough background.
The post for the ESPeri.IRBud was typed up.  The images were modified as necessary including blacking out lines of the order sheet and cropping where necessary.  Most images were given a description directly below the image.  The caption feature offered by Blogger was not useful.  Perhaps using Chrome for writing similar posts would increase compatibility.

Videos were taken of the ESPeri.IRBud being used as an tone generator and with the NeoPixel.  The tone generation videos were uploaded to the post as videos with sound but the videos showing the NeoPixel were displayed as animated images.

After all the editing, a total of 1529 words were written today.  The post as a whole is 2146 words long.

The idea to publish this on Instructables.com was not put into action.