20140322 (Sa) ASETNIOP Keyboard

The hack space is a very different place Saturday night as opposed to Friday evening.  There was one guy working in the wood shop and one guy came into the classroom area.  Other than that it was pretty much deserted.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to work in peace and tear through projects without interruption.  Sometimes it’s nice to show off a project and hear what other people are working on.  Saturday night was a good night for working in peace.

Enough background.
The stripboard schematic for one handle was flipped around to give adequate space on the board.  The holes were redrilled.  The board was take to the Hack space and cut on a bandsaw.  Only the width was cut to size.  The boards were longer than necessary but the extra cut seemed like an unnecessary risk.

The ICs and resistors for each handle were soldered in place.  In retrospect it would have been wise to provide a socket for the ICs.  No capacitors were brought and jumpers were not put in place yet.

To do:
• Mount and solder switches ti I/O boards

• Find and solder capacitors in handle
Drill and cut and mount to make USB enclosure
• Program, test and debug
 View of the ICs and resistors on the stripboard
Copper side view of the stripboards