20140323 (Su) ASETNIOP Keyboard

My final years of high school were during the death throes of the phreaking era.  The movie War Games is almost as old as me and Kevin Mitnick was exactly twice my age when I graduated high school.  My scant knowledge of analog circuitry and the rainbow of phreaking boxes was enough fuel to propel my interests to electronics though.

Sometimes while I work on little soldering projects I imagine what life would be like if I were part of that era.  Part of me wants to be a part of that movement but another part of me is glad to have easy access to USB programmable µcontrollers and all the gadgets that attach to it.

Enough background.
The switches inside each handle were soldered into the project using old phone wire.  The high copper content of the old wire makes it easy to solder.  The four switches on the same side of the enclosure were bundled together using the original sheath.  The common for that bundle of wires runs separately.  The wires for the thumb switches were individual wires coded according to the phone color code.  Red & Green.  Black & Yellow.

The rest of the circuit board was soldered with the capacitors and jumpers.  The collection of on-hand capacitors was collected into an old body butter container for easy storage.

The circuit board will not fit in the enclosure.  The wood was marked to indicate how much and were to sand away to make room.  A revised stripboard could also help.

To do:
• Sand wood blocks
• Solder TRRS
• Glue switches in place
• Find enclosure for USB module
• Program test & debug
 Journal page
 The wooden blocks have been marked with Sharpie to show where to reduce them
The results of soldering