20140326 (W) ASETNIOP Keyboard

The hack space I use is an interesting place for a lot of reasons.  It’s kind of an adventure every day to figure out if the machine you want to use is working or not.  Sometimes a bank of power receptacles is out for no apparent reason then it becomes a search for an extension cord.  Sometimes finding the wood shop vacuum means searching the classroom.  Oddly, it’s the people who are consistent.  Everyone there tends to be helpful whenever they can and they’re nice.

Unfortunately not everyone is tidy.  The wood shop, where I was just working, is usually under a patina of fresh dust.  There are air filters and a central vacuum for the machines but not everyone knows where how to turn it on.  Only today I found the circuit breaker box, mounted at head level, where the two phase breaker resides.

I try to make a habit of cleaning more of a mess than I make, which is easy when I’m already using the vacuum.  At least this way I don’t feel guilty when I come in, make two small cuts on a band saw and leave without any cleaning.

Enough background.
The handles and hardware were all taken to the hack space.  The wooden blocks were cut by saw but that method proved ineffective so the blocks were removed from their enclosures and sanded on a belt sander.  The sanded edge was also shortened to make opening the enclosures easier in the future.

The thumb switches were simply glued in place.  A large amount of hot glue was applied to the underside and the switch was held in place with the glue cooled.

The TRRS sockets were soldered using old phone wire.  The schematics were followed.

To do:
• Glue switch boards in place
• Design implantation of serial LCD screen
• Follow outlined program agenda

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Handles assembled and disassembled