20140328 (F) ASETNIOP Keyboard

I don’t know if anyone looks at the journal page I put up each day.  The hard copy journal started in 2011 and it’s just for my sake.  There’s no significant point in posting the image since I type up the whole thing anyway but you can see what my handwriting looks like.
The Y-axis is Handwriting skills and fashion sense
The Y-Axis is Writing skills
The X-axis is Time with a marker at 3rd grade

My "a," "n," and "u" are indistinguishable when I write quickly.  The word anubis barely looks like letters when I write it

So, my handwriting sucks.  I type decently.  Thank goodness for erasable pens.

Enough background.

Page 6-20 of the MCP23008 datasheet were highlighted to show the relevant data registers for communication to and from the I/O Expander.

It is hoped that the TinyWireM will provide the majority of the protocol like START, STOP and ACK.

To do:
• Establish communication with the I/O Expander
Glue switchboards in place
Follow outlined program agenda