20140329 (Sa) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Throughout the day I have all kinds of thoughts.  Work, family, girls, food, entertainment and projects.  Sometimes I'm so inspired to create something that all I can do is sit down and purge my ideas onto paper.  The first time I really remember this happening was when I decided to make a skin boat.

During a normal summer day I was skating by a park, not near water, when I was struck by the idea, maybe compulsion is a better word, to build a skin boat.  The idea for the frame came pouring out of the æther and I wrote it down as fast as my pens could sketch.  Building materials, structural weak points, potential improvements, simplifications and all of the like were all jotted down.  In the end, I filled three notebook pages with dense text and drawings.  After seeing my design on paper it went through a quick revision and I went home.

That happened roughly five years ago and has happened a few times since then.  There's usually no telling when it will happen but you can keep yourself ready for it.

Paper notebooks and Evernote on my phone are the two things I use most for keeping my ideas.  They work for me but if a sketchpad and Sharpie work for you then keep them handy.  If you need to speak then keep a voice recorder on hand.  I doubt you will ever regret writing down an idea.
Chunky legs and Chucks

Enough background.
The switchboards were glued in place in each of the handles.  One switch was soldered in place perpendicular to where it should have been.  It was slowly removed with a soldering iron, rotated and reinstalled along with the connecting wires.  Simple prototyping boards would be a more logical choice for the handles since only the ground wire is common.  The tactile switches would be better replaced with keyboard-like switches.

To do:
• Redrill ring finger switch holes
• Establish communication with I/O Expander
• Follow programming agenda