20140331 (Su) Shotgun Mic Shock Mount COMPLETED

In the past I have done a video cast to highlight some of my projects.  Mostly longboards.  It took a lot of work but video is a fun media.  I don't have high-end video equipment by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, most of what I have is cobbled together and pretty slapdash.  My lighting consists of shop lights.  My teleprompter is homemade.

My backdrop is a blank section of wall in the living room.  My clapperboards are homemade.  My camera has been an old digital still camera but more recently it's been my cell phone camera.  At least the cell phone can have a microphone hooked up to it which is one of the reasons for building a shock mount.

Enough background.

The ambient noise thought the shotgun mic was partially due to vibrations coming through the mic stand and mounting apparatus.  A shock mount should reduce some of that noise.

The project moved forward after remembering a round file on the work desk and realizing it could be used solely to make the necessary grooves in a piece of PVC.

A piece of 1 1/2“ PVC was cut to 6” with a hack saw.  Eight grooves were cut in the ends for large rubber bands using rounded files.  A ¼-20 hole was tapped in the bottom to accept a standard camera tripod mount.
 1/4-20 hole tapped in the bottom

 Grooves for keeping the rubber bands in place

A large diameter pipe and a shorter length would be advisable if another model was to be constructed.  The middle segment would also be removed to make it easier to access the power switch.

Shock mount from PVC and rubber bands

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