20140401 (Tu) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Protocol is a cool sounding word, neh?  It has a technical ring to it and seems like something smart people would say when they’re working with other smart people.
1.)   It is cool sounding.
2.)   Smart people have been known to use it.  (Citation needed)
3.)   It is a real word with real meaning

Protocol isn’t an unapproachable word, in fact you’ve created and used protocols your whole life.  They’re as much a part of modern American society as indoor plumbing.  “Please and thank you,” is protocol.  Answering your parents or boss when they ask you a question is protocol.  Holding the door for someone is now courtesy, no longer protocol. 

Computer protocols are no different.  If I send a computer a request I expect a response.  If my request meets the device’s requirements I will get a carefully formatted response.  Now, if I get the protocol wrong I won’t get the response I’m looking for.  Just like if I walk into a bank without any clothes and ask for a Big Mac I probably won’t get what I’m after.

I hope you see protocol everywhere today.  Every time someone offers their hand and your instant reaction is to shake it.  Every time someone says “Mornin’” and you smile at them.  When someone calls your phone and you answer with “Hello.” 

Enough background.
The example code in the TinyWireM for an I²C temperature sensor was studied.  After the studying of other sources and other I²C procolol it seemed to make sense.  A page of notes was created regarding the usage of the commands in the TinyWireM library.

Note page

The temperature sensor example was very well commented and insightful into the workings of the I²C protocol whereas the downloaded libraries for I/O Expanders was simplified to make them feel more like using the native inputs on the Arduino.

A test program was written and it compiles without error.  It may be necessary to designate the inputs to the chip before data can be read.

To do:
• Establish communication with handles
• Follow program agenda

Journal page written in pink ink