20140403 (Th) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Today was a bust as far as progress goes.  At least concerning the keyboard even though I put at least an hour into it.

At some point during the day I slapped some numbers and letters to make a logo.


I got a good night's sleep which is a dangerous thing and my brain was abuzz with new ideas.  During the day I had a rare moment of insight were a project came together in my mind so neatly that I couldn't help myself but to start writing.  This mysterious project has the most bizarre parts list I've ever imagined but is functionally pretty robust.

The idea could be a total pipe dream, of which I'm fond, but it may be the headlining feature on an upcoming web show.  Which could also be a pipe dream.  Either way, they're both fun to think about and an exercise in mental hopscotch.

Enough background.
Effort was put into establishing communication with the handles but no meaningful data was received.

To do:
• Establish communication with handles
• Follow programming agenda

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