20140404 (F) Podcast

My old friend Joe Robertson and I have toyed with the idea of having a web show for years.  At one time we had cameras and microphones set up to record us chatting about stuff while we sat in two couches arranged like stadium seating.  I remember the lighting was excruciating.  That was years ago when he and I lived together in Mankato.  If I ever find the video I'll share it.

In my mind it was always something that would happen but the subject and time never seemed right.  Friday we talked seriously about starting it again.

Joe's forte is software programming and specifically games.  He doesn't program much in the way of hardware.  I don't play much in the form of video games.

Enough background.
A Skype conversation with Joe Robertson was made at 7:00pm until 9:00pm.  The idea of creating a podcast was discussed.  It was decided that the format of the show would not be planned for would it be reined in.  The hope is to create a lively show that develops on its own based on our personalities rather than scripts, props and gags.

The focus of the show will be technology and person achievements.  The first show will feature a 3D printer built mainly from scrapped parts.  The design was conceptualised a few days ago.  Currently an I/O list, process flow chart, list of warnings/errors the machine may encounter and a parts list exist.

A loose script was written.

To do:

  • Reduce script to bullet points
  • Make and scan illustrations
  • Perform web show on 20140408 (Tu)
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