20140405 (Sa) Podcast

I used to think that the left brain and right brain were responsible for different aspects of personality and that I shifted between the two every so often.  Lifehacker debunked this myth.  Still, I feel like my brain shifts between wanted to do technical projects and artistic projects.  Whatever the case, I've been enjoying working on preparations for the podcast but I haven't forgotten about the ASETNIOP keyboard.

Enough background.
Illustrations for the cheap 3D printer were made.  Six pictures were sketched on graph paper then finished with Sharpie pens in different colors.  The illustrations are meant to accompany the verbal descriptions and explanation.  They do not have much detail themselves and are not self-explanatory.

The script was converted to a bullet list of talking points.  It should be written on note cads before Tuesday.  

More discussion with Joe was had about the format of the show.  Initially it will be two shows.  We will start with our usual chit chat and when conversion is lowing we will switch to relevant topics.  My topic will be my project and Joe’s topic will likely be his WIP game.

To do:
  • Write bullet-point list on note cards
  • Set up mic and camera for call
  • Rehearse 3D printer explanation
  • Perform show on 20140408 (Tu)
  • Edit and publish show
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