20140406 (Su) Podcast

Sometimes I amuse myself with simple projects that aren’t worthy of being designated as actual projects.  Maybe they’re purely for fun or maybe they’re creativity in the kitchen.  Either way they don’t necessarily require research or ingenuity but they’re still endeavors. 
Mechanical potted plant $1

For SUNday I took a cheap wobbly plant that you can get at a dollar store or Chinese import store and put a few small reflectors on it.  When I set it in the sun it bobbled like normal but the reflectors put little spots of light on the walls and when the cats saw them they went bonkers.
 The little guy in motion

Try this at home.
Cats watching reflections

Enough background.
The bullet-point list was further reduced and put on a notecard using color-coded pens.  The pitch was rehearsed and during that time another “printing” material was envisioned.

More thought was given to printing a bare code roller.  The available wide of the roller will be dicateed by the machine so the resolution of the printing process will have to be high enough to match.

A standard UPC needs 95 lines of resolution.

A standard ISBN needs 123 lines of resolution which does not include a price code.  This is for a standard 978- ISBN.

To do:
  • Set up equipment for show
  • Perform show on 20140408 (Tu)
  • Edit and publish show
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