20140407 (M) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Here's to a week full of latex gloves. 

I haven't been to a doctor in a decade. Between not having health insurance and not needing a doctor it just hasn't come up. I've had health insurance for almost four years and not needed it once. I don't like pills and I only take ibuprofen if I have a bad headache. But this week I've got two appointments where someone will be wearing latex gloves.

On Monday I've got a physical and six days later I'm getting a magnet installed in my left ring finger.

First of all, I'm not afraid of doctors, I'm afraid of paperwork. Red tape is an anxiety trigger with me.  Needles don't bother me and neither do dentist drills.  I’m also of the opinion that I shouldn’t take my car to a body shop unless I’ve been in an accident.

Enough background.


The adafruit.com library was used as an example to follow in an attempt to read from the MCP23008 I/O Expander.  No usable data has yet been read from the ICs.  The library uses the standard Wires library so it had to be tweaked but it was still ineffective.

The next step will be to modify a working MCP23008 library to use the TinyWireM library instead.

To do:

  • Modify working MCP23008 library
  • Establish communication
  • Follow programming agenda
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