20140408 (Tu) Podcast

I try to keep my project journal entries impersonal and professional.  I try not to use words like “I,” “me,” “we” and the like.  This only applies to the project part of the blog or the stuff I write in my paper journal.

Normally it’s not difficult to leave myself out of the entry since I just talk about what was done.  I don’t have to say that I tightened a bolt I just have to say that a bolt was tightened because I’m implied.  When I work with another person it gets tricky to keep myself out of it.

Enough background.
A 2.5 hr Skype call with Joe Robertson included two individual speaking segments, out-of-show discussions about the show and talk about the distribution and production of the show.

Joe talked about the difficulties and reality of game programming from his perspective of an avid gamer and programmer.  Feedback was given from the perspective of a very casual gamer and surface knowledge of older games. 

The other segment of the show was about the design of a cheap 3D printer designed around very inexpensive parts which are easy to find and recognize.  Design considerations, parts, limitations were discussed.

To do:

  • Lay out and make a description for the printer
  • Publish on blog 
  • Create project for printer
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