20140411 (F) Upcycled 3D Printer

Sometimes shopping locally is a bust and sometimes a boon.  Sometimes little shops will charge you through the nose and sometimes they will give you exactly what you need for a song.  They are always more interesting than a big box.

Enough background.
More scouting was done to find suitable parts from the list.  A hobby shop was visited to find a continuous rotation servo or a gear motor.  The continue rotation servo in stock was underpowered for the application.  The gear boxes were expense for what they were.  Small gears were purchased to attempt to create a gear system for lowering the platen and pushing a glue stick.  The gears will likely be held by using wire brads in a wooden structure.  A bear box will not have feedback like a servo so some kind of speed monitoring will be used.  Most likely a small magnet on a gear matched to a reed switch.  The speed monitoring could record the number of motor rotations each time the planted is moved or each time the glue is pushed.  If a suitable gear box cannot be built servos will replace the gears on the parts list.  Salvaged motors from RC vehicles will be experimented with .  The motors already have gears on their shafts.

A local bike shop helped select matching sprockets and a piece of chain long enough to catch all the sprockets.  The shop was Bicycle Chain.

Another thrift store was visited and a second option for a water container was purchased.  It was a square container but the three shaft design will be kept.

The hobby store was Hub Hobby in Little Canada.

Purchased items

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