20140414 (M) Upcycled 3D Printer

The small fry pan has been replaced with a pie tin.  The purpose is to avoid having to cut the thick metal which would likely create Teflon dust.  The pie tin is very resistant to hot glue.
 Peeling hot glue

Two continuous rotation servos were ordered from a domestic seller on eBay.  The work saved by using servos is worth the small amount of extra money.  This method also standardizes parts for anyone to replicate the project.  The servos hopefully provide speed regulation which will increase the accuracy of prints.  It was decided that the first version will not have much feedback but the I/O will be available to it.  The feedback for things like “glue stick present” and water levels will likely be run to connectors but no programming will be done.

3 ½” ¼-20 carriage bolts were purchased to act as the shafts.  The bolts and derailleur sprockets were assembled to ensure a good fit.
 Shafts with sprockets or steampunk bouquet

Sprocketed shafts and chain

The price list was updated with new purchases and unneeded parts were crossed out.

The small rectangular container was drafted.  The frying pan was removed from the drawing.  Triangles were drawn on the outlines of each container to determine the largest platen able to fit in each container.

To do:
  • Collect and buy stuff 
  • Update list to include min/max price + estimates 
  • Write pseudo code 
  • Design circuit with connectors 
  • Draft schematics 
  • Revise document 
  • Build stuff 
  • Code 
  • Test + debug

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