20140415 (Tu) Upcycled 3D Printer

My roommate's car was broken into recently.  Car parts and personal items were taken.  Don't be surprised if a telephoto night vision security camera is a project soon.

Or maybe a car-mounted taser.

Enough background.

The I/O list was minimized to make the first implementation as simple as possible.  The list of sensors and outputs not being used will be considered when making the schematics so they can be run to connectors and added as necessary.  The second model will be built on top of the first and have more robust programming and a large I/O arsenal.

Minimal list.  3 servos and a relay for the pump

An ArduinoUno was ordered from a domestic eBay seller.  This will serve as the controller for this project.

Pseudo code was written for the minimal I/O printer.

Pseudo code on graph paper

To do:

  • Collect stuff 
  • Update list to include min/max prices and estimates 
  • Design circuit with connectors 
  • Draft schematics 
  • Revise document 
  • Code 
  • Test + debug

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