20140417 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

I’m pretty excited.  A few weeks ago I did a phone interview with Kieron Monks who was writing for CNN.  His article finally went online and he devotes the second, third and fourth paragraphs to me by name!  His interview was mainly about the implantable compass I’ve been working on.

The biohacking forum has also had more buzz about thecompass since the article so I have renewed my efforts with this project.

Enough background.
Four different size holes were drilled into a piece of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).  The board was cut into four pieces each having a single hole.  The purpose is to have four housings for the spherical magnet so each and be experimented with and minimize the spare room as much as possible.

Different size holes in wooden biscuits

The holes go all the way through the wood so a bottom will have to be installed.  This will likely be plastic or salvaged metal.  The bottom will have a small holes for a whisker to interact with the spinning compass which will be a spherical magnet attached to a smaller disc magnet.

Old enclosure with spherical magnet.  Too much area around magnet

The holes were drilled using Forstner bits at the hack space.

To do:
  • Put bottom and whiskers on wooden biscuits 
  • Test

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