20140418 (F) Upcycled 3D Printer

People use the terms talent and skill interchangeably but I don't think they should be used that way.  Skills are something you learn and hone while talent is something you are good at by virtue of being yourself. Some people are talented at singing.  I'm not one of them. Some people study to sing well and they train hard to get to that level. The two people who sing well may be indistinguishable but calling a person who worked hard "talented" disregards their hard work. They are both skilled though.

Venn diagram

Talent is valuable and cannot be bought.  Skill is the result of talent added to education and practice.

Enough background.
The majority of the materials have been gathered or ordered.  A short list of remaining materials has been compiled and all the components are currently owned with the possible exception of suitably sized Nd magnets.  PVC pipe and PVC caps have not been bought since a suitable size has be not been calculated.

An order with Digikey.com was compiled to show which parts could conceivably be used in place of parts already owned.  The shopping cart was copied without a shipping estimate.

 Digikey shopping list

An enclosure was added to the list at $1.00 under the assumption that an Altoids tin, or similar, would be used.

To do:

  • Gather remaining materials 
  • Build stuff 
  • Code 
  • Test + debug 
  • Revise documentation and publish

Journal Page

A messy working document