20140419 (Sa) Upcycled 3D Printer

The triangular plastic cut from an upcycled cutting board was used as the template for spacing the bearings. One bearing was lined up and a jig was improvised by clamping a piece of wood to the drill press table and using a second clamp as another stopper. 

Drilling clamped in place

Three 17/64" holes were drilled using the jig. The plastic was clamped to the metal triangle and the pie tin then the holes were drilled all the way through.

All the way through a cheap pie tin

The holes in the plastic triangle were partially drilled with a 15/16" Forstner drill bit to give a pocket to the bearing.

Bearing pockets

After looking at the bearings it became obvious the 17/64" holes were not the correct size for the bearings so all 17/64" holes were drilled to 1/2".  After drilling it was realized that the metal triangle did not need to be redrilled since it will not touch the bearings, only the shafts and extruded U-nuts (clip nuts).

The drill bit I should have used 
Placed sprockets 

At a hardware store extruded u-nuts were purchased and optional acorn nuts which may be useful during testing.

At the hardware store another option was examined for bearings by using ordinary flanged bearings and flanged bearing sleeves.  The flanged bearings are able to be purchased individually and eliminate the need for drilling blind holes.

Option for bearings

To do:

  • Gather remaining materials
  • Build stuff
  • Code
  • Test + debug
  • Revise documentation 
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