20140420 (Su) LEGO Essay

April 20th, 2014. 
20140420 (Su).
Just about everyone found a reason to celebrate.  I decided to do the journal up with lots of colors.  I have a particular love for pens.  In fact, if you look at precious journal pages you may notice that I scribble off words pretty often.  This journal page was done with erasable pens so there is less of that.

Enough background
A piece on how I create and how those skills, tools, parts and knowledge are analogous to Legos was started.  The purpose is to exemplify the importance and value of a person’s skills, tools, parts and knowledge.

The piece was hinted at in the podcast with Joe but has not been fully shared or explored.  The piece may be linked from the podcast but will definitely be published through the blog when it is completed.

Some pictures were taken to show visual examples of what was being described.  The photos will be in the presentation.

Some Legos in different arrangements

Word Count:
192 Words

To do:

  • Take pictures 
  • Write essay 
  • Revise 
  • Put on blog

Journal Page