20140422 (Tu) Upcycled 3D Printer

Many projects from the past have been centered around longboarding.  This post has nothing to do longboarding but I finally got out and skated for the first time this year.  My legs are jelly so I'll have to get more riding time.  Soon.

Enough background.

The 1/4-20 bolts were replaced with 5/16-18 bolts.  The larger bolts were used because not enough bushings (skate top hats) could be found.  The top hats provide an interface between the ID (Inside Diameter) of a bearing and the OD (Outside Diameter) of a 1/4” bolt.  The ID of a bearing is roughly 5/16”.

 New parts on the left.  Speed rings not pictured

Different bearings with removable seals replaced the used bearings.  Three speed rings and three spacers were also added to the project.

The pie tin had the bearings, bolts, spacers, speed rings, sprockets, washer and plastic triangle assembled to prove viability.  The holes in the pie tin should be widened.

 Spacers in place

Bottom of pie tin
 Showing the placement of the speed rings

A serious look was given to connecting things to the servo motors.  The horns included with the servo motors have a textured hole with an OD slightly larger than the ID of a sprocket.  The sprocket ca be drilled or abrased to make it fit then glued in place.  This will be done with an upside-down horn attached to another horn with identical holes in parts.
 Servo horns with matching holes

 Near perfect fit between horn and sprocket

A rotary tool saw blade will attach to another servo to act as the glue conveyor.  The blade will bite into the glue to move it.

 Saw blade and servo

A good fit between servo and saw blade

 A cap on the saw blade

To do:

  • Buy 5/16-18 extruded u-nuts
  • Resize ID of a sprocket.  Drill/rasp
  • Clean saw blade and glue to horn
  • Tie 2 servo horns together
  • Widen pie tin holes
  • Screw or bolt plastic to pit tin
  • Code
  • Test + debug
  • Revise documentation

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