20140423 (W) Upcycled 3D Printer

I was raised thrifty.  This project is built on-the-cheap.  Some of the materials still have their Goodwill price tag on them. 

Sometimes I have the dream where I go to a store and everything is really cheap and I BUY ALL THE THINGS.

I was at a hardware store yesterday and a lot of their parts were actually on sale.  I mean like $0.05 and $0.06 for $3 parts.  I got a basket.  While I didn't spend more than pocket change I think I figured out why I have so much junk in my apartment.  No surprise though.

Here's a picture of my living room when it was set up to be a video recording area.  Apparently I'm not opposed to clutter.

Living room recording studio
Enough background.
The first draft of the code was written which followed the pseudo code nearly line for line.  The only library used is the #servo library which has been used in pervious projects but never for more than a single servo.

Code.  Not finished so not downloadable
3 potentiometers have been programmed for.  These will control variables such as servo speed of the glueServo and platenServo and the time to wait for the platen to lower.

No feedback has been programmed into the software.

The program compiles.

Non-ferrous (brass and aluminum) screws were purchased to screw the plastic to the pie tin.

To do:

  • Buy extruded u-nuts 
  • Resize ID of sprocket.  Drill/rasp 
  • Clean saw blade + glue to horn 
  • Tie two servo horns together 
  • Widen pie tin holes 
  • Screw or bolt plastic to pit tin 
  • Test + debug 
  • Revise documentation

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