20140425 (F) Upcycled 3D Printer

There are certain advantages to working at a hack space.  Namely my room doesn't explode.
This used to be a bedroom

Enough background.
At Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts colored glue was seen for a very low temperature glue gun.  This may be an interesting media.  A high-temp glue gun was purchased using a 40% off coupon making it it $1.80 before tax.

High temp glue gun
Color glue sticks

The shafts were removed and nuts were added so the sprockets would sit at the same level as the sprockets on the servo.  Washers had to be added since the top portion of the carriage bolts were not threaded.

Shaft with added nuts and washers

A sprocket was drilled with a 21/64" drill bit.  A servo horn in a cross shape was drilled with a 3/16" drill bit.  The sprocket fit snuggly on the servo horn.

 Drilled sprocket

Drilled servo horn

 Sprocket and horn

Sprocket and horn fitted together

The matched sprocket and servo horns were put on the mounted servo so the height of the shaft sprockets could be adjusted.

 Sprockets mounted in pie tin

Sprockets on the same level

The servo horns were held together by shoving toothpicks into the holes, trimming the picks and gluing them together.  The pieces were pushed together with an adjustable pliers.

 Toothpicks in half the servo horns

Glue and parts

Glued parts

Parts being pushed together

Glued parts drying

To do:

  • Build submerged air tube
  • Disassemble glue gun
  • Mount glue gun
  • Clean saw blade + glue to horn
  • Test + debug
  • Revise documentation

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