20140427 (Su) Upcycled 3D Printer

I'm trying to get better about taking photos about what I'm doing.  I think it adds a little color to the posts and it definitely makes it easier to remember what I did when writing the journal.

Enough background.

A package of replacement bike chain links was purchased in order to shorten the scrap chain.  An attempt was made to drill out a link since a chain tool was not available.  It proved unsuccessful.  A bike shop will be visited and requested to perform the service or a chain tool will be purchased.

Chain links from a hardware store

The hot glue gun element and nozzle mounting issue was addressed.  The heating element cavity had a hole and measures slightly larger in diameter than 5/32” since a #8 bolts fits easily.  A spare 2 ½” bolt purchased for the servo mounting provided a mounting screw for the nozzle.  The diameter of the nozzle is larger than 3/8” in diameter but was drilled with a 3/8” bit.  When the nozzle hole is expanded the nozzle should fit against the ¾” aluminum bar snuggly.  Heat dissipation through the aluminum may be an issue.

 Components for nozzle mounting

The nozzle with a too long bolt

Nozzle and bolt separated
Nozzle and bolt through mounting plate

Profile of nozzle and bolt

To do:
Mount aluminum bar to plastic with countersunk bolts from the underside
Clean saw blade and glue to servo
Build circuit and wire
Install in mint tin enclosure
Test + debug
Revise documentation

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