2014-05-16 (F) ASETNIOP Keyboard

When I was young my parents said to me "No one is perfect."  I thought they meant that no one is physically perfect.  My whole life I have had poor hearing so I thought they were comforting me saying that everyone is born with at least one physical abnormality.

I had it wrong but at the time that's exactly what I needed to hear.  Rather than approach life like I was missing out because I couldn't hear well I approached life as though my hearing was just MY limitation and everyone else had to deal with their own.  Since my poor hearing wasn't visible I assumed not everyone had a visible imperfection so if someone had a wheelchair or glasses they just had an outwardly visible limitation.

My parents weren't necessarily trying to impart some profound sense of equality but it happened by accident.  How could I make fun of someone for having glasses if my limitation was just as severe.

Enough background.
The schematic was changed to reflect the Pro Micro board which replaced the Digispark.  The schematic wire colors were also changed to reflect the actual wire color used.

Updated schematic

The program was updated to remove the TinyWires library, and specific calls to it, and replace it with the Wires library.  The calls to the Wires library were updated to reflect proper names.  The DigiKeyboard library and calls were removed and replaced with Keyboard.XXXX calls.

The programmed board has not achieved communication but does properly emulate a USB keyboard.

To do:

  • Get a simple program for reading the first (address B000) I/O expander
  • Revise program to read inputs properly
  • Debounce inputs
  • Modify program to read second (address B001) I/O expander only
  • Revise program to read both I/O expanders
  • Make the program understand space, alphaShift, numShift, capsLock, numLock
  • Use the switch statement to determine letters.  (At this point it's a usable keyboard)
  • Integrate NeoPixel to change colors on simple button presses
  • Program for NeoPixel to provide useful feedback

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