2014-05-22 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

I write up my journal in the morning and I’ve been told your brain is at its most creative in the early morning.  Journal writing is not particularly inspired work, it’s actually like writing a report in some important ways.  This morning while writing out the journal and revisiting some of the ideas I had yesterday I was struck by inspiration and got sidetracked from journal writing while I scribbled my new ideas.

Enough background.
Brainstorming was done to create a new spinner for the impass.  Three ideas were created which are all able to be produced with current skills and materials.

The first spinner is a wooden dowel cut down in a sequence to create a specialized shape.  A lathe would be the most effective tool to use for his project but it can also be accomplished with a radial arm saw.  The shape uses small protrusions at the top and bottom of the spinner to maintain distance from the edge and protect the whisker from accidental triggering.

 Sequence to take to make the first idea

The second puts magnets at the very bottom with a small metal protrusion to spin upon.  The protraction and magnets are topped by a metal disc to act as a bumper to protect the whisker.  The disc and protrusion are simply steel so the magnets will not need adhesive.  A wooden dowel is attached to the top to act as a float and keep it upright.

Second idea

The third design is a copy of the second but uses a standard steel bolt or screw as the protrusion and matching bolts to keep the magnet faces parallel.  This design could have had the bolt go the length of the wooden dowel as well.

Third idea with standard bolts

To do:
Construct spinner
Test + Evaluate
Journal Page