2014-05-23 (F) ESPeri.Impass

Ideas are born in our minds
Mature on paper
Retire in reality

Enough background.

While writing the journal for 2014-05-22 (Th) a design idea formed and matured on paper.  This design focuses on having visible and accessible parts rather than a rugged enclosed design.  In addition the first version will not have a whisker but instead rely on the collision of the spinner with the frame when it is aligned and moving.

 Paper sketch and maturation of idea

Drawing of first design

If successful and the sensation is noticeable the device may be installed in an enclosure to be carried.  Its shape is disc-like rather than a tall cylinder.

The design was simplified to use magnetic rings mounted on a rod rather than a hard-to-find I-beam shape.  Ring Nd magnets were ordered from a domestic eBay seller.

Drawing of simplified

To do:
Test + Evaluate

 Journal page