2014-05-24 (Su) Game from a dream and Impass

I had a lovely long weekend with my girlfriend and decided to give myself a couple days without project obligations and just enjoyed myself with her.

Naturally my brain didn't take the whole vacation off.  On Saturday I had a dream where I was playing a strange casino style game unlike any betting game I've ever seen.  I wrote down the premise of the game and I'll recall it for you now.

Enough background.
1. The dealer secretly selects three coins from nickels, dimes and quarters.
2. The dealer drops the coins into a glass bottle of milk.
3. The players listen to the sound of the coins and tries to figure out which coins the dealer put in the milk.
4. When the players come to a decision they bet with their own coins what they think is in the milk.
5. The milk is drained or dumped out.
6. If a player is exactly correct they win back their bet and the amount in the milk.

A dealer selects two nickels and a dime.
The dealer first drops a nickel into the jar and it makes a heavy clink.  The next coin put into the milk is the dime which isn't as loud.  The third coin is another loud nickel.

The first player hears a heavy coin followed by a lighter coin and a heavy coin.  He places two quarters and a nickel on the table as his bet.

The second player is absolutely flummoxed because her cell phone rang and distracted her so she bets three nickels which is the minimum bet.

The third player can see a smooth coin edge through the milk and assumes it belongs to a nickel so she places a dime and two nickels on the table.

The milk bottle is poured onto a grated surface where the nickels and dime are visible.  Player three has just won and doubled her bet.  Player one lost fifty five cents.  Player two lost fifteen cents.

I'd be very curious if any game like that has even been played.

On Sunday I had a few ideas to help the Impass project.  The open-frame design still seems promising as well as maintainable.

The first improvement was to put a neoprene washer on the spinner rod and a lock nut on one of the screws holding the spinner.  This will keep the spinner from swinging out of control but shouldn't cause a significant collision which is what I will be counting on to tell me when I'm facing north.

The second idea was to add a second washer for the spinner to bang against when I am facing north.  This will allow the spinner to swing further, and gain momentum, before colliding and, hopefully, creating a sensation.