2014-05-26 (M) ESPeri.Impass

MemorialDay weekend is a national holiday in the states.  I got back to my apartment, showered, and drafted the ideas I had while vacationing.  I definitely got more rest than project work done over the weekend.

Enough background.

The improvements to the Impass were drafted.  The measurements for the ordered magnets were looked up.  The O.D. of the ring magnet is 1cm.  The O.D. of the ring magnet in the drawing was 1unit so measurements for the other parts were taken based on that reference.
A parts list was made to focus on #4 brass hardware and aluminum bar stock.  The parts should all be available at a hardware store.  A #4 neoprene washer is also on the list and may be more difficult to source.

An animated image of the Impass rocking between the limit points while pointed north was made by rotating the spinner assembly, exporting a raster image and repeating.  The animation was accomplished in GIMP for Mac.

Animated drawing

Updated drawing

To do:
  • Buy:
                    #4 countersunk brass bolt, 1 ¾” long
               13 #4 brass bolts
               2   #4 steel nuts
               3   #4 brass bolts, 1” long
                    #4 neoprene washer
  • Build 
  • Test + Evaluate 
  • Revise
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