20140430 (W) Podcast

The first podcast recording didn't go well.  What should have been brief introductions were litanies.  Ideally the show would have been 15 minutes for each introduction but we were each close to 45 minutes.

Recently I put jetAudio Plus on my phone which has the neat feature of speeding up audio without distorting pitch.  I was able to listen to my entire recording and take notes during my commute.  So yeah, that's handy.

Enough background.

The first recording of the cast was listened to again and excessively long.  Notes were taken of the important points to mention during the 3D printer presentation.  The notes were rearranged and transcribed to a notecard.


A time to rerecord the cast was agreed upon with Joe Robertson via text message.

To do soon:
Author bios with current pictures
Show name
Find host site for show

To do eventually:
Create comment area with avatars and admin privileges
Create logo
Video version
Standard intro with jingle

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