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People use the terms talent and skill interchangeably but I don't think they should be used that way.  Skills are something you learn and hone while talent is something you are good at by virtue of being yourself. Some people are talented at singing.  I'm not one of them. Some people study to sing well and they train hard to get to that level. The two people who sing well may be indistinguishable but calling a person who worked hard "talented" disregards their hard work. They are both skilled though.

Venn diagram of talent and skill

Talent is valuable but cannot be bought.  Skill is the result of talent added to education and practice.

Enough background.
The spherical magnet was glued into place in the hole of the cork using a hot glue gun.  It was aligned so the poles are horizontal when the cork is floating.  Care was taken to keep the spherical magnet centered so it would float as level as possible.  It was aligned by placing the flat side of a disc magnet against the cork since disc magnets can be though of as cylinders with their poles aligned on the flats.

A small bump (of glue) was made on one side of the cork which corresponded to a magnetic pole.  This will serve to stimulate the whisker.

Cork with magnet and glue bump

To do:

  • Modify container for spherical magnet.  Drill, install whisker and whisker guards.
  • Finish dry wooden biscuit versions.
  • Test + evaluate

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