2014-06-13 (F) ESPeri.Impass

Burst imaging on my camera phone

A lunch meeting was set up with a mechanical engineer. The idea of a haptic compass was presented to him. He thought electronics would provide the best solution. While brainstorming mechanical ideas the hanging spinner approach was delved into and the idea of painter's pram ids as the frame for a spinner was touched on. All pyramids have had equilateral triangle bases rather than the square base which would provide parallel faces for the magnets to attach. The idea is that the hollow pyramid would be suspended by a thin post through the center and balance by virtue of having its weight distributed and focused on a central point. A cone would also suffice.

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Shopping spoils = 
Neoprene washer
Dremel bit with round end
Brass finishing washers
Plastic/glass ball bearings
Hair color applicator bottles

An adjustable system to move a rubber O-rig up and down was conceived by the mechanical engineer which would control how much the spinner could swing. Since no four-sided pyramids could be found two hair color applicator bottles were purchased form a beauty supply store. The nozzles are conical and and the base of the nozzle provides ample room for applying experimental attachments. The long spout may also keep the spinner from rocking excessively.

Concept for bottle cap spinner

To do:

  • Build
  • Test + Evaluate
  • Redesign
  • Repeat

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