2014-06-18 (W) ASETNIOP Keyboard

Obama declared June 18th to be the National Day of Making. Cool.

Enough background.

The enclosure for the Arduino Pro Micro was originally made to fit the DigiSpark. The DigiSpark uses an integrated USB plug while the Pro Micro uses a micro USB port. A rotary tool with a small bit was used to modify the hole so the micro USB port became accessible to a micro USB cable. A small piece of foam double-sided tape was placed in the bottom of the enclosure to hold the Arduino which was installed so the micro USB was exposed through the hole and held in place when a cable was inserted. The device was plugged in and the programming from last time was intact but it was not reprogrammed.

 Hole fit for a DigiSpark

Widened hole to fit an Arduino Pro Micro
Double sided tape
Pro Micro held in place
Microcontroller operating

To do:
  • Get a simple program for reading the first (address B000) I/O expander
  • Revise program to read inputs properly
  • Debounce inputs
  • Modify program to read second (address B001) I/O expander only
  • Revise program to read both I/O expanders
  • Make the program understand space, alphaShift, numShift, capsLock, numLock
  • Use the switch statement to determine letters.  (At this point it's a usable keyboard)
  • Integrate NeoPixel to change colors on simple button presses
  • Program for NeoPixel to provide useful feedback
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