2014-06-25 (W) Grinding, a Primer

The first draft of an article currently called Grinding, a Primer, was drafted. It was formatted to fit on one page and included three color pictures. One picture was rendered from a 3D model of a ring which can hold a neodymium disc magnet. The other two are photographs to which the copyright is owned. The article was displayed on biohack.me in a thread to source information for the article. Input was asked for from the biohacking community.

To do:
  • Revise article
  • Submit for publication?
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  2. I've always been a fan and follower of the hacker ethos: "make it do more than the manufacturer intended." I've always approached it from the software and machine side, with dreams, paper-plans, and simulated code for micro-controllers and other physical devices.

    But the idea of hacking ones self has been there, too, just farther away. I imagined in elementary school replacing the radius bone in my left arm with a printer so that I could just feed paper through and avoid all the writing for homework they were having me do.

    But other than the very deep and complex brain-implants and optical implants I had never really considered sensory enhancement. Magnetic field sensing and a real sense of direction, that's cool stuff!

    Thanks for opening the line to grinding for me!

    (should've previewed, had to delete to edit spelling mistakes)

  3. This article is far from polished but I'm glad it got your mind going. That's why I write.
    It's cool that you remember your forearm printer idea from elementary school and that you were already thinking, "It would be neat if I had this built in."
    Be diligent and mindful about what you put into your body whether it's food or magnets. Do your research beforehand and share your results. Hopefully I'll see you on the biohack.me forums.


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