2014-06-26 (Th) Grinding, a Primer

Thursday was a good day. Hack-a-Day put my Sous Vide Oven Controller on their site so I was promoting that on social media. The comments filled faster than my previous projects on Hack-a-Day so I’m encouraged by that. Their title, Precision Temperatures for Cooking or Whatever, was flattering and I thought really showed how the project isn't just about controlling an oven.

Lately I haven’t been sleeping enough so my focus has been less than wonderful. Rather than fight it I used Thursday to take a friend’s dogs for a walk, take a nap, watch a shameful amount of cartoons and eat a disgraceful amount of burrito. My batteries feel recharged which I’m going to need for Friday.

Friday is the day of competition with the Tennis BallLauncher in Mankato, MN. A friend and I are competing to see who made the best launcher for our dog-owning friend with arthritis. The guy I’m competing against is wildly brilliant and he has built two launchers. The first launcher he built for our friend and the second he built for his own amusement. The second one needs wheels to move and uses more modern elastics. I can’t wait to see the draw weight of that monster.

Enough background.

The article was reviewed at biohack.me and a comment was made about making the article more general. The article has been revised and pdf and png copies have been made for reposting. The time tense of the article was double-checked. There is intentionally no author on the article to make it a community-owned article rather than the work of a single person.
The next likely revision will be to take a photograph of a magnet-ring to replace the 3D printed ring picture which requires credit to be given to the designer. The purpose of a photograph is to remove all names from the article.

To do:
  • Construct and photograph magnet-ring
  • Distribute

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