2014-07-06 (Su) Upcycled 3D Printer

To make the printer easier to move a spare 1x6 wooden plank was selected as a base. A four outlet power strip was mounted using #4 wood screws. The hole pattern from the power strip was transposed by putting a PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive) label on the bottom and rubbing a pencil near the holes to leave an impression of the holes. The PSA label was put on the plank and 5/64" holes were drilled. All the equipment was set on top and plugged in with the exception of the hot glue nozzle.

 Label on the power strip

 Holes outlined with a pencil

Holes drilled in the plank

Devices plugged in

1-1/2" PVC was salvaged from unused pipes from the Tennis Ball Launcher project. The PVC will be used to hold air from the pump to raise the water level and spun by the servo to lower the water level. The PVC needed to be large enough to raise the water and small enough to fit inside the tank.

1-1/2" PVC held against the side of the tank to test for size

The program was changed to test for different size discs and consistency.

To do:

  • Perform tests outlined
  • Extend wires to the air tube servo
  • Buy 2 @ 1-1/2" PVC caps
  • Build and install water/air tube
  • Test + Debug
  • Revise documentation

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