2014-07-07 (M) Charged: DesertIrish

I enjoy showing the depth to which my character's personality and background run. Some characters are given background long before they ware written and some are given history as necessary. Personally, I find that writing a character's history before their story gives a more robust and believable character but this method also takes a lot more time.

Three of my favorite characters never had much of a story but as an experiment I took my three protagonists and started with their life story rather than my usual method where I just start writing a story with a vague idea of who the characters will be. By the end of the experiment I had three characters with lives and personalities and quirks and reasons for everything they did. I also felt connected to them because so much work had gone into making them real.

That's another story.

You may have noticed that I now have an About Me and Contact Information page. It seemed like a good thing to have if I want to be a legitimate blog.

Enough background.

Some superficial editing was done in order to refamiliarize with the story but mostly deleting unnecessary words. Motor's power was explored by Jason pointing out to Dawson how it works and telling him that it makes Motor uncomfortable. The defining characteristics of the power were thought up recently and written down. The latest chapter does not progress the story but shows how Motor's power is growing and exactly how it works.

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