2014-07-08 (Tu) Upcycled 3D Printer

I was in a pretty good mood today. The Tennis Ball Launcher on Instructables.com won a contest! I only entered because the site offered to submit my project and I didn't see a reason not to go for it. Mostly I was pleased to get the exposure especially when I was selected as a finalist. Out of the 200+ entries I got one of the Second Prize bundles. For my troubles I got an Instructables t-shirt, a year's subscription and an Estes quad copter.

I also made another logo for the site.  And I'll keep making them until I give up or find one I like. That may be the same thing.

Enough background.

The servos were prone to jittering at startup before they were given a command signal and if no action was taken the servos could jitter indefinitely. Code was added so each servo would come to rest at the start of the program. The waterServo was still jittering when it was poised to retain air, lowest angle, so trials were run to find the lowest degree at which it would not jitter. 12 degrees.

It was found that the platenServo and glueServo were reversed from the testing program. The glueServo and platenServo do not perform as expected. The airPump relay would not function properly unit it was defined as an OUTPUT.

To do:

  • Get glueServo and platenServo working in program
  • Extend wires of waterServo
  • Buy 2 @ 1-1/2" PVC caps
  • Build + Install air tube
  • Test + Debug
  • Revise documentation

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