2014-07-14 (M) Upcycled 3D Printer

The nuts holding the cross-bar for the glue nozzle were removed. The glue nozzle was inspected but the hole was not a uniform circle. The hole in the pie tin must be at least as large as the hole in the glue nozzle. A 1/16” drill bit was selected and used to clear the glue nozzle which had casting debris in the end. The glue nozzle was drilled by hand with no problem. The pie tin had a scrap board fastened in place with a clamp at one and held in place by hand at the other end. The pie tin was also drilled with 1/16” drill bit in the center of the hole cut for the nozzle.

 Removing the nuts

Underside of glue nozzle assembly
Close up of glue nozzle. Not a round hole
Where the glue nozzle rests
1/16" drill bit selected
 Cleanly cut glue nozzle

Close up of glue nozzle that has been drilled
Scrap wooden board fastened to bottom of pie tin
Drilling a hole in the pie tin from the top

The hole cutting damage to the pie tin was reduced by having the scrap board in place. A small metal tag could be felt on the underside of the pie tin. A piece of abrasive sheet was found but not used since it would also remove the non-stick coating. Glue was pushed through the nozzle but there were problems at the top where glue melted and spilled over the top of the heated nozzle. The plastic sleeve at the top must be necessary for a seal.

 Unused piece of abrasive sheet

Bottom side of pie tin hole
Glue coming through pie tine hole
 Glue spilling over edge of nozzle

First glue sent through the printer

To do:
  • Purchase a glue gun for the plastic sleeve
  • Flip platen or extruded u-nuts
  • Extend wires of waterServo
  • Make and install mount for waterServo
  • Correct + Install air tube
  • Test + Debug
  • Revise documentation

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