2014-07-18 (F) Charged: DesertIrish

As I've mentioned the Charged universe isn't just about one story, it's a setting made for many characters. To date I've created over 70 characters but only a handful of them have been fleshed out enough to make them main characters. I don't approach them with the idea that big powers make for a fascinating story, a thorough background makes the base for a good story.

Enough background.

There was more demonstration of the flight core when Heather talked to Jason and Dawson. To demonstrate the effect more clearly Dawson was prompted to try balancing on a mop handle. It seemed like an easy task since the charging effect made nearby object seem weightless but it quickly became apparent to Dawson that the energy harvesting mode was not there to cancel gravity but steal momentum. Motor and Head joined.

A logo, similar in style to the 24Eng logo, was made for the Charged projects. Instead of being designed in Inkscape this logo was done with AutoCad except for the rendering.

Charged logo

Today’s word count:  41 515 - 40 605 =  910 words
Total word count: 83 897 + 41 515 = 125 412

Charged: DesertIrish part 02

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