2014-07-23 (W) Conductive Paint Experiment

At the suggestion of +Andrew Hall a batch of conductive glue was mixed from silicone and graphite powder. The goal was to make a flexible, waterproof, and conductive glue. A jar was partially filled with clear silicone then graphite powder was added. The ingredients were mixed with a wooden toothpick identical to the toothpicks used previously in this experiment. The mixture was dark and glittery. A thick line was painted using the toothpick as a stylus.

 Parts: Silicone, graphite powder, and jar

A jar partially filled with silicone

Graphite powder mixing with silicone
Close up of mixture in jar
Macro shot of silicone graphite mixture
Painted line of graphite and silicone

Video of mixing graphite and silicone to demonstrate viscosity

A resistivity test was conducted after the line dried for two hours. The resistance appeared to be ∞Ω so the probes were unfastened to place the tips closer together but no resistance could be measured at any distance. The mixture had an attractive appearance but was not a suitable conductor.

Testing the resistance of the dry silicone and graphite mixture

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