2014-07-28 (M) Charged: DesertIrish

Dawson woke up before everyone else at Heather’s hotel room. He fetched breakfast from the hotel’s continental breakfast and asked everyone to meet at the dock in two hours. He and Head shared a cab and left Motor and Heather. Heather’s mood darkened and she snapped at people. Dawson talked to her and found some common ground for a little while. For the point of the story she was sick of being the only woman in the group despite being the center of attention which she usually enjoyed. Head and Jason worked in the sub all morning taking measurements while Jason constructed a 3D model visible on a computer running near the flight simulator where Motor, Heather and Dawson were working. During lunch Jason privately told Dawson that Shana, Exposure, needed to go into hiding. Jason’s kind nature urged Dawson to ask everyone at the dock if they would accept Shana there. Heather was the first to agree, to Dawson’s surprise. Head was the last to agree and only did so when Jason assured him she wasn’t spying for anyone. Dawson left in The Flying Machine, took a circuitous route, and landed in Arizona where Shana was sleeping in her escape van. At Jason’s advice Dawson slipped his cell phone through an open van window so Jason could speak with Shana.

Today’s word count:  47 316 - 43 660 = 3 656 words
Total word count: 83 897 + 47 316 = 131 213 words

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