2014-07-29 (Tu) Charged: DesertIrish

Dawson doesn't find out what Shana hears on the phone but she agrees to leave with him in The Flying Machine. Dawson demolishes the abductors' van by flying through the windshield with The Flying Machine and lifting the van by the roof. Once clear of the city Dawson allows the van to fall onto a stretch of desert. A confusing flight is made to Canada before traveling back east and south to North Carolina. Dawson makes a supersonic maneuver but passes out from the resulting boom. Beforehand he instructs Shana to cover her ears so she is fine. When Dawson wakes up Shana is flying them to North Carolina while steering clear of seaward ships. Her notable vision is hinted at. They safely return to the dock after dinner, North Carolina time. Jason says The Flying Machine was only tracked as far as Montana. Dawson is exhausted but resolves to get Shana sorted out first. This is not the first hint toward Dawson's indomitable will.

Today’s word count:  49 385 - 47 316 = 2 069 words
Total word count: 83 897 + 49 385 = 133 282 words

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